Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jaws 2 (1978)

Since Jaws (1975) took a huge bite out of the box office, a sequel was inevitable.   But like it's predecessor, Jaws 2 was plagued with production problems that caused more headaches than Jackie's shrieking, including a fired director, an uninterested Roy Scheider and a mostly recast bunch of teens, a few who sounded like they were plucked from the streets of The Bronx.  Even little Ricky Shroeder got the boot playing Sean Brody.  But he later faired better than most of those who made the cut.  For a sequel, Jaws 2 is pretty decent with more shark visuals, more victims and some spine-tingling sequences like the waterskiing scene, Eddie's death, Mike's unconscious rescue and the capsized helicopter.   And thanks to the recent Making of Jaws 2 book, it seems that long-standing rumor of existing footage of Marge in the shark's mouth can finally be put to rest.

Jaws 2 was filmed in Edgartown, MA and Destin, Pensacola and Navarre Beach, FL

Location: Brody Rushes to Ferry 
Address: 53 Dock Street, Edgartown, MA  Chappy Ferry

The buildings in the original shot have been torn down...

Location: The Amity Shores Holiday Inn
Address: just after 8375 Gulf Boulevard, Navarre, FL

After Brody gets off the ferry, he magically appears in Florida at the old Holidome Holiday Inn, which was sadly destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  It remains an empty lot..

Location: The Shark Arrives
Address: Edgartown Harbor, MA

The Edgartown Lighthouse can be seen in the background.  This is one of the only shots of original director John Hancock's footage seen in the movie...

Location: Amity Establishing Shot
Address: Dock St, Edgartown, MA

Previously seen when Brody rushes to the ferry...

Location: The Lighthouse
Address: Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach, FL

The lighthouse and killer whale scenes were filmed on at the southern tip of Fort Pickens Gulf Island National Seashore.  It's a short walk from where the road ends.  Thanks to Diario de un Viajero for this information...

Location: Brody Walks To Town Hall
Address: Water St & Main St Edgartown, MA

Brody heads east on Water Street and passes The Hardware Store from Jaws (1975) on the right...

Location: Amity Town Hall
Address: 416 E Government Street, Pensacola, FL

Once again, Brody magically ends up in Florida first passing 410 E Government St.  Thanks to Paul H for finding this location...

This historic site is St. Michael's Creole Benevolent Association Hall.  Unfortunately it wasn't open when I stopped by but was able to get a shot from the door.  It looks like the interiors were shot here as well...

Location: The Brody House
Address: Golf Club Road, Edgartown, MA

A different house was used for the sequel.  It was either at 8 or 10 Golf Club Road.  Both houses were demolished but here is an old shot of 8 Golf Club Road.  The windows look a little farther apart than what's see in the movie, so it may have been 10 Golf Club Road.  Thanks to Paul H for this information...

Location: The Scuba Diving Boat
Address: Destin Harbor, Destin, FL

The boat used in the scuba diving scene is called The Aquanaut and is docked in Destin Harbor.  You can park at Brotula's Seafood House at 210 Harbor Boulevard and walk down to the waterfront.  An upper deck and nosebleed section have been added since.  Thanks to Alex Ratliff for this information...

It looks like this scene was filmed in the Santa Rosa Sound, with the Navarre Beach Causeway seen in the background...

Location: Brody Chases Ambulance
Address: Water St & Main St, Edgartown, MA

The ambulance first heads east on Water St, turning south onto Main.  This popular intersection is where Vaughn Reality from Jaws (1975) is, which is also The Amity Drug Store from Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

The ambulance then turns onto Dock St...

It passes by The Quarterdeck Food Stand at 29 Dock Street...tasty sweet potato fries by the way...

Location: Captain Dave's Seafood Restaurant
Address: 314 Harbor Boulevard, Destin, FL

And Brody magically appears in...wait for it... Florida!   This area is right behind Pelican Adventures.

A victim of Hurricane Opal in 1995, Captain Dave's was rebuilt and now resides at 3796 Scenic Highway 98...

Location: The Bar
Address: 541 US-98, Destin, FL  Hog's Breath Saloon

Originally located on the north side of Okaloosa Island, the Hog's Breath Saloon was moved to Destin after Hurricane Opal in 1995...

A GINORMOUS cash register for a watering hole I'd say...

I'm sure Eddie and Marge would agree.

Location: Cable Junction
Address: Gulf off Navarre Beach, Navarre, FL

The shrieks heard around the world were filmed here.  Much thanks to Alex Ratliff for providing this information.  From an old photograph it appears the Navarre Beach water tower can be seen from the gulf looking back toward the beach... 

Be sure to follow Alex's Jaws_2_ page on Instagram for some great behind the scenes photos!

According to Vaughn Jr., Jackie had "tits like a sparrow" but she had a nice set of lungs.  Though she went overboard ;-) with the screaming.

Perhaps the inspiration for Cable Junction?

Locations Visited: August 2016, March 2018


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  2. Wow this is awesome ! I have been tracking these down myself. I'm a florida local and some of the locations, particularly the water scenes have been real head scratchers. I've pretty much know where most of them are , but I was completely unaware of the one of Chief Brody walking in Pensacola. Thank you for documenting all this and sharing.

    1. Thanks, A.W.! I hope to get down to Florida at some point to check them out. That's awesome you know where the water scenes are! I would love to know where exactly they were filmed!

  3. Since Jaws (1975) took a huge bite out of the box office, a sequel was inevitable. But like it's predecessor, Jaws 2 was plagued with production problems that caused more headaches than Jackie's shrieking, including a fired director, an uninterested Roy Scheider and a mostly recast bunch of teens. Even little Ricky Shroeder got the boot playing Sean Brody.

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