Thursday, September 2, 2021

Porky’s (1981)

A group of Florida high schoolers are on mission to lose their virginity.  Hoping to score a prostitute at the titular strip bar, they find themselves humiliated by the owner.  Hellbent on revenge, the gang concoct a plan and end up sinking Porky's into the Everglades but not before spying on their female classmates in the shower.

Bob Clark, who directed the horror classic Black Christmas, takes a stab ;-) at lowbrow comedy with the teen sex romp Porky's, which was based on his high school experience in 1950s Florida.  The film was mostly dismissed by critics but held the title of highest grossing Canadian film for 25 years.  Two sequels followed, but neither came ;-) close to the original.  Unfortunately not too many of the filming locations remain.  The exterior of Porky's was built in Oleanta State Park and Cherry Forever's house was built in Greynold's Park.  The interior of Porky's was a restaurant that has since been demolished.

Porky's was filmed in Miami, Miami Beach and Hollywood, FL

Location: Angel Beach High School
Address: 1424 Drexel Avenue, Miami Beach, FL  Feinberg Fisher Adult School

The egg and condom scenes were filmed on the other side of the adult school at the Feinberg Fisher K-8 Center at 1420 Washington Avenue...

Location: The Showers
Address: 2450 SW 1st Street, Miami, FL  Miami Senior High School

Location: Deadbeats
Address: 298 Arizona Street, Hollywood, FL   McGowan's Oceanside Tiki Bar

Locations Visited: March 2021


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