Thursday, November 16, 2017

Panic Room (2002)

In St. Elmo' Fire (1985), Wendy Beamish wakes up to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich her first night in a new apartment.  In Panic Room, Meg Altman has quite a different experience, waking up to find three criminals have broken into her brownstone on the night she moves in.  She quickly grabs her daughter and seeks refuge in a...wait for it.... panic room.  Thus begins a game of cat and mouse, the tension rising to a somewhat tepid ending.

David Fincher's claustrophobic home invasion thriller delivers plot holes a taxi driver ;-) could plow through but is still entertaining nonetheless.  The opening credits alone deserve much praise.  It was nice to see Jodie Foster return to the big screen, and be in a hit movie, taking over the reigns from Nicole Kidman, who had to drop out due to a knee injury.  Fincher didn't panic ;-) when Foster announced her pregnancy a few weeks into filming. He simply used some of that old Hollywood magic - a bulky sweater.

Panic Room was filmed in New York, NY

Location: Meg Altman's Brownstone
Address: 38 W 94th Street, New York, NY

Location: Searching For a New Apartment
Address: Central Park - The Mall, New York, NY

Locations Visited: June 2017

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